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Get to know the stone villages

The route of the villages of Pietra di Vegni winds along the wooded side. When you exit the beech forest after having again taken the path, you exit the woods and find yourself on a panoramic saddle, which allows you to admire Mount Antola.

The first abandoned village of Casoni.


The stone houses are "clinging" to the steep slope and completely invaded by vegetation; the broken roofs and the deep cracks on the walls make you understand the sad fate of this small village: a ghost town. The path runs alongside this ancient hamlet and begins to climb steeply and then continues halfway up the hill. Following the small nucleus of Ferrazza, up to the abandoned village of Reneuzzi where at the entrance of the village there are the tiny cemetery, what according to Airone magazine is probably "the smallest in Italy" and the church of San Bernardo, from beautiful bell tower.


We continue our descent through a well-structured oak, Turkey oak and black hornbeam forest and the track winds its way on a mule track with a pebbly bottom which becomes slippery on wet days; you go down suddenly with some hairpin bends on the valley floor where the Campassi stream flows.


Along this rio with particularly clear waters there are still two abandoned mills: the Mulino dei Gatti and the Mulino Gelato which once functioned at full capacity by exploiting the abundant waters that descended from Mount Antola.


The arrival is expected in the village of Croso, a small hamlet of Carrega Ligure, where it is possible to stop at the "Art bed & breakfast".

The kilometers traveled are 7.11 in a time of about 3 h with difficulty level E.

Duration 1 Day
Discovering Monferrato

Among the many treasures that Italy offers, Monferrato is one of the most fascinating areas for its visitors: this territory.

Landscape, nature, art, history, food and wine, all these elements combine to create a unique environment, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2014, confirming its priceless value.

Our guides can organize excursions tailored to the needs and characteristics of walkers: from the short outing of a few kilometers around the town to the long treks lasting several days that pass through villages and natural environments.

In the surroundings of Vignale M.to four paths lasting a few hours each, ranging in length between 15 and 20 km, have been identified, which, winding through woods and vineyards, lead to the discovery of some of the splendid villages that characterize the landscape.

There are four paths detected and traced by us exclusively marked with the name of the cardinal points: North, South East and West path to complete the tour of this ancient territory and which still hides corners to be discovered with countries that characterize the panorama that has become the heritage of the Humanity, confirming its priceless value.

Duration 4 Days
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Experience in a medieval castle

Maranzana, Asti Unesco

Duration 1 Day
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