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Some info to know the modalities of our service
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Piedmont is a region rich in biodiversity and endemic typicality. The wealth of Piedmont is in nature. The Region has the largest number of Parks, Sites of Community Interest and Special Protection Areas of Italy. Its logistical position in the geographical context make this region a tourist destination of primary interest.


To introduce you to nature in its many aspects. To introduce you to particularities of the territory that are only here. Geology, landscape, flora, fauna, local products make this region unique. You will be able to see landscapes counted among those of world importance through UNESCO. We hiking guides have taken on the task of making them known so that they cannot disappear.


Our experiences are aimed at individual tourists, groups of friends who want to know the area and its typical features but above all to school groups. Young people are our resource for making our territory known in the future, but above all for taking care of it. Nature is not a place to visit, it is our home so we must take care of it. Young people will be the future witnesses of our work.


Choose your destination, contact us for more info and define your experience with us. Our aim is to organize a "tailor-made" excursion to introduce you to this wonderful area.

From March to November

Our excursion programs have been approved by the Piedmontese Apennine Protected Areas Management Body and by other Piedmont Parks. They start in the spring to finish in late autumn. The educational excursions will be scheduled according to the school needs.

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