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Welcome to MonferratoExplorer.holiday!

Explore Monferrato like never before. We invite you to discover the unique charm of this enchanting region, full of adventure, food and wine delights and breathtaking landscapes.

We are here to offer you authentic and unforgettable experiences in the heart of Monferrato. With our guided excursions, you will be able to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of green hills, picturesque villages and vineyards that stretch to the horizon. Walk along suggestive paths, breathe the fresh air and experience direct contact with nature.

But that's not all: Monferrato is also a land of irresistible flavors and aromas. With our food and wine tours, you will have the opportunity to taste the fine wines produced in the local cellars and savor the culinary delicacies of the traditional cuisine. Take a look at our food and wine itineraries and let yourself be conquered by the authentic flavors of this generous land.

MonferratoExplorer.holiday is your reliable guide to explore Monferrato in all its beauty. We are passionate about this region and want to share its wonders with you. Our experience, knowledge of the area and passion for hospitality allow us to offer you a high quality service, with attention to the smallest details to guarantee you a memorable experience.

We are happy to announce that all the content loved and appreciated on our previous site, Guide Aessedi, is now available on MonferratoExplorer.holiday. We will continue to offer detailed information, useful tips and engaging stories to enrich your trip to Monferrato.

Scroll through our home page and discover the tours and experiences we have selected for you. Take a look at the suggestive photos, read the reviews of our satisfied customers and let yourself be inspired by the wonders that Monferrato has to offer.

Plan your Monferrato adventure today! Book your customized tour, discover tailor-made holiday packages or contact us for more information. We are here to make your trip to Monferrato unforgettable.Explore, taste and experience Monferrato with MonferratoExplorer.holiday. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of authentic emotions and create memories that will last forever.

Book now and start your journey in Monferrato!

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Full video of our excursions

Alessandria, Piemonte

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Naturalistic experiences


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Cycle tourism in the Regional Parks

Piemonte, Italia

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Didactic activities for schools

Alessandria, Piemonte

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Learn to cook in Piedmont

Monferrato, Italia

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Bufferfly Tourism

Piemonte, Italia

The experts

Environmental hiking guides

We are certified environmental excursion guides and we operate in the Piedmont Region.

We accompany groups of hikers and schoolchildren to discover the environments, history, traditions and food and wine of our territory according to the philosophy of slow movement, without competition but suitable for enjoying all the beauty that nature offers to our eyes.

Our most popular excursions are bookable by interested groups but we are available to pack one or more days with the itinerary chosen by the user.

Our activities are within everyone's reach, including families, others require greater physical preparation and the desire to get involved without ever being extreme.

We have contacts with specialized TOs to extend your experience and make it a holiday if you request it.


Monferrato Card and tourism on the way

One of our proposals concerns the mileage company called


With the accompaniment of one of our guides, the MONFERRATO CARD becomes an excuse and a fun game to stimulate the hiker to travel more and more kilometers and visit unknown places.

It is a passport to walk away to be validated in the stopping places indicated on the site, with a modular route to choose from among three different mileages to be composed with many paths.

Other typical experiences such as tastings, cooking tests, night excursions, mystical places, are the characteristics of our excursions that can truly be called EXPERIENTIAL.

Participating in experiences to live, emotions that are generated and shared, experiencing multisensory involvement and the climate of interaction and exchange with others, are all factors that make our teambuilding activities a formative and participatory moment, where everyone feels the protagonist , with the involvement of all the senses experiencing intense emotions, interacting with others while having fun.

We organize experiential moments of one or more outdoor days for corporate groups with activities that involve collaboration, the design of operational plans for achieving

to the aim of the game, challenging teams overcoming obstacles and aiming for winnings.

We make every experience educational: not only fun but share

sion of values, sense of belonging and support for relationships.

Our Orienteering circuits in ambien

you "savages" stimulate the values ​​of collaboration and cooperation that must exist at the base of every good Company Team.

At the end a brief reflection allows to evaluate the growth of skills.

The scenery our Piedmont Parks and our nature trails


Team Building

Experiential fields for companies
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