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Tourism in the period of inflation

I am an environmental hiking guide, but my profession (unfortunately) is that of an accountant. In recent months, the world of information continues to pour out articles on high prices, on inflation that has reached peaks that have not been seen for years and on what could happen to us in the future.

My blog wants to let you know how tourism will be damaged, given the increase in the prices of services necessary for the development of the sector. First, what does inflation mean.

To give a correct definition of inflation, I refer to Wikipedia. "By inflation (from the Latin inflatio" swelling, swelling ", derived from inflāre" to swell "), in economics, we mean the prolonged increase in the general average level of the prices of goods and services over a given period of time, which generates a decrease in the purchasing power of money. "

So the national-popular definition of saying that "everything increases" is confirmed by the semantic definition of what we have just searched for on the website of the Free Encyclopedia. Increasing everything, people wonder why these increases, this expensive life and evaluate various opportunities so that their standard of living can remain stable even if the purchasing power of the currency loses ground.

A recent Google study states that worldwide searches for these keywords have increased significantly: #inflation, #savings #money, #savetheplanet.

In fact, this period was not only experienced due to economic difficulties, but also as a period of transition towards a new world, also made up of natural disasters and calamities precisely because the climate is changing. Many will blame the emissions of greenhouse gases, while others will blame the increase in the temperature of our Star (the Sun). The fact is that in our territory (Monferrato) at the end of July they began to harvest white wines with a sparkling base for the classic method. When have we ever seen the grape harvest in July.

All this made me think about the importance of what I do on weekends and the new opportunities that each of you can take advantage of in enjoying a weekend in the company of people who want to walk, visit new villages and live a tourist experience, despite everything that is happening.

In general, each of us wants to allow ourselves little luxuries. The price of tourist services will increase dramatically. If we think about the cost of the bill, the cost of fuel and the cost of raw materials that all affect the organization of a holiday, we will understand that the restaurant and hotel bill will increase. Not to mention the sunbed on the beach or worse, in the pool.

Our proximity tourism turns out to be a good opportunity, at low cost, which makes us have fun and live carefree moments, despite all our bad times. We walk in nature, knowing the environment and having respect for what we see. Walking in nature we sensitize our way of life to have respect for the environment. We will experience water saving, care for the territory and the problems related to pollution firsthand by going on excursions.

We will visit sites that were once rich in water, now they are dry. We will see manicured plots to contrast with indiscriminate garbage in the cities (which among other things attract wild boars). Back home, we will have one more reason to change our lifestyle and start safeguarding our world by putting into practice simple precautions.

Our association proposes to make excursions with shared transfers. You are in a point of the city and you join those who make the car available. This leads to a saving of money for the transfer to the place of departure and to less pollution.

Car sharing (defined in English as Car Sharing) will be a new mobility system for the future and we are already proposing it in our excursions.

If you consider that a series of producers who care about the territory, collaborate with us to make you better know their production (fruit of the territory in which we live), you can also allow yourself the luxury of going home from our excursion with an emotional memory like in the best holidays.

As you can see, even in this sad period, walking with us is a luxury that, despite everything, you can afford, helping to safeguard the planet.

Just try and you can confirm the data that our tour operator makes available to us. A success. In the last year (August 2021 - August 2022) more than 700 people accompanied. We will close the year 2022 with more than a thousand that will be added to the two thousand that we have already brought to Monferrato in previous seasons.

Even in this period, our reception system works. So all you have to do is try to live with us a low-cost experience (if you like low-cost English) that aligns perfectly with this sad moment.

As always, I wait for you. If you want info on where we will be, click on this link and you will know where we will be next #weekly. We are there, give yourself a gift and come with us. You can afford it.

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