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Turin square

A path between the vineyards and the WWF Oasis

A ring route that leads to breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the Alps and the Langa range

A path between the vineyards and the WWF Oasis
A path between the vineyards and the WWF Oasis

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Turin square, Piazza Torino, 14051 Loazzolo AT, Italia


The path goes up between the houses of the village and then bends to the east, for a dirt road that cuts the slope at high altitude and passes a series of impluviums. The environment is that of the forest, with a prevalence of oaks, together with more rare ash, ash, walnuts and white poplars. Typically hilly vegetation. Some open areas are occupied by bamboo stains. Other more arid areas are colonized by the resistant brooms of a bright yellow in bloom and by some dog rose, which in season makes a good display of its red berries or pink roses. In the best exposed areas vineyards have been planted, part of which produces Loazzolo DOC, a passito obtained from Muscat vines of at least 8 years, exposed to the south or south-west, on sufficiently steep slopes. Just off the path the WWF Oasis Forteto della Luja .

km 11 disl.400 diff.T


  • A path through the vineyards

    4th July excursion




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