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Via XX Settembre

🟡Grazzano Badoglio, on the trail of Aleramo

A ring in the Monferrato hills in the land of Gen. Badoglio and in the places of Aleramo

🟡Grazzano Badoglio, on the trail of Aleramo
🟡Grazzano Badoglio, on the trail of Aleramo

Orario & Sede

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Via XX Settembre, Via XX Settembre, 14032 Casorzo AT, Italy



Ring that runs through part of Monferrato with its vineyards with exciting colors in all seasons and that touches the village of Grazzano Badoglio, which houses an interesting museum that can be visited (with guide) and in the church the tompa of Aleramo Marchese del Monferrato in addition to the many infernot which are hidden underground, up to Casorzo, a town of Celtic origin famous for its Malvasia di Casorzo wine with a beautiful light ruby red color, a characteristic and fragrant aroma, a sweet, sweet and slightly aromatic flavor. Along the way, small churches in the countryside and in the center of the town, a centenary horse chestnut tree in the churchyard of the church of S. Vincenzo Martire, from which you have a remarkable panoramic view.

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  • Grazzano Badoglio

    Excursion of 21 June




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